Current & Ongoing Projects


District-Wide STEM Initiative

Phase 3, Newburyport High School STEM

The Newburyport Education Foundation is continuing to raise funds to provide students with the opportunity to explore a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum where they will be actively engaged in solving advanced problems with a high level of thought and decision-making. Learn more.

Phase 1 & 2, Bresnahan and Molin-Nock STEM Labs

The Newburyport Education Foundation is continuing to raise funds for projects in the interactive STEM Labs for our elementary and middle school students. The goal is to keep investing in state-of-the art components to allow for inquiry and project based, hands-on learning around STEM topics. Learn more.

Wellness Initiative

Molin-Nock, Newburyport High School

The Newburyport Education Foundation is raising funds for our Wellness Initiative.  The Wellness Space at the Molin Upper Elementary and Nock Middle Schools will serve all students, Grades 4-8.  Learn more.

At the high school, we are providing our students access to state of the art strength and conditioning equipment which will allow them to build personalized programs.  These programs will foster confidence and self-esteem, ideally setting them up on a path of lifelong fitness.

NHS School Store

The School Store allows NHS Business, Marketing an Accounting students the opportunity to apply concepts to the real world by operating a store within the high school. Learn more.

Nock Seismograph Activity

Initiated in 2015, earthquakes can be detected all over the world and provide phone alerts that data is recorded on the seismograph. Data collected includes Time, Depth, Magnitude, Location. Learn more.