The mission of the Newburyport Education Foundation is to generate financial resources and community involvement to enhance education in the Newburyport Public Schools.

NHS Integrated Arts

Using a media-lab approach, this new program will provide students with skills to explore and communicate through music, art, theater and engineering. Under the leadership of Principal Wulf, the team will explore interdisciplinary integration, workforce pathways development, and professional service programs. Phase 1 includes foundational technology and a space-design plan for the art space at NHS.

District-wide Instructional Technology Professional Learning Community (PLC)

The NEF is supporting technology for a new initiative to 1) cultivate a culture of innovation and experimentation amongst Newburyport Public School educators, 2) explore how technologies can positively impact teaching strategies and examine the new “best practices” for a tech-based classroom, 3) provide early adopters with a community where there are opportunities to give and receive feedback, explore new ideas, and influence the development of district-wide initiatives, and 4) pursue the NPS goal of creating classroom cultures that promote student voice and engagement.

District-wide Visual and Performing Arts Festival

This event features students across all grade levels participating in band, orchestra, chorus and other forms of performance art. It is organized by our performing arts teachers at the Molin, Nock and NHS schools. “The Waterfront Festival is a wonderful opportunity for students across all grade levels to see each other perform. There are many excellent concerts and performances going on at each school throughout the year, but the audience tends to be the parents and families from that school.” This event captivates a wider audience and taps into the local community.

NHS Investment Club

The NEF conceptualized and funded an Investment Club at Newburyport High School, the first of its kind in a public high school in the state to have students investing and learning using real money (with supervision). Learn more.

Literacy Improvements

The NEF has collaborated with the district to fund a portion of new Literacy curriculum at the Bresnahan School, serving grades K-3. This multi-year project will put Newburyport on a path to provide exceptional evidence-based teaching and learning in Reading. Learn more.

NHS Career Pathways Initative

The NEF is continuing to raise funds for Newburyport High School’s Career Pathways program. We have expanded our support with 3 colleges: Northern Essex Community College, Endicott College and Southern NH University. Learn more.

District-Wide STEM Initiative

Newburyport High School STEM

The NEF is continuing to raise funds to provide students with the opportunity to explore a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum where they will be actively engaged in solving advanced problems with a high level of thought and decision-making.

Bresnahan and Molin-Nock STEM Labs

The NEF continues to raise funds for the completed interactive STEM Labs for our elementary and middle school students. The goal is to keep investing in state-of-the art components and materials to allow for inquiry and project based, hands-on learning around STEM topics.

Learn more about our STEM Initiative

District-wide Tower Gardens

In the STEM Labs and classrooms, our students maintain and harvest Tower Gardens. They learn about maintaining proper pH level, and troubleshoot the amount of light and water to produce the best plants. Students love to come into the lab to see how much the plants have grown each week. The gardens produce basil, cucumber lettuce, and kale. The vegetables often feed the turtles at the Bresnahan. We also have thriving aromatherapy gardens that grow lavender, lemon balm, basil, and mint.

Nock Seismograph Activity

Initiated in 2015, earthquakes can be detected all over the world and provide phone alerts that data is recorded on the seismograph. Data collected includes Time, Depth, Magnitude, Location. Learn more.

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The mission of the Newburyport Education Foundation is to generate financial resources and community involvement to enhance education in the Newburyport Public Schools.

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