Who We Are


What is the NEF, and what does it do?

The Newburyport Education Foundation is a non-profit organization created to offset the financial pressures put on the Newburyport School System. These pressures include rising operating costs because of government mandates, technology needs and rising special education costs.

The inequity between government funds and costs is a result of the per-pupil spending goal from the Education Reform Act of 1993 and rising school costs. Without help meeting these costs, the school system is reducing services. The Newburyport Educational Foundation’s main goal is to raise funds especially to finance programs that might not get money from the government.

How are PTOs different from the NEF?

We both do fundraising, but the NEF focus is typically a multi-year campaign with different goals. For example, our 2008-2010 Campaign focused on fundraising for technology upgrades/renewal, Literacy Closets for grades K-8, and Virtual High School and resulted in $600,000 in allocations to the Newburyport Public Schools. Learn more about the PTO on their website.

How is the NEF Different from the Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association does not raise money directly for the school. Membership fees support scholarships and the Alumni reception. Alumni of Newburyport High School who meet eight times per year, produce and distribute a bi-annual newsletter, host a high school teachers’ appreciation breakfast and award scholarships.