Past Projects


In recent years, the NEF has donated funds for improvements at each of Newburyport’s public schools:

  • The Nock-Molin library has been transformed into a learning and media center on par with the new Bresnahan School Library and the recently renovated IFS Library and Media Center at the High School. Learn more.
  • At the Brown and Bresnahan elementary schools, the NEF donated funds for literacy closets, classroom libraries, community-based education programs (bus trips), new computer servers, and computers.
  • At the Molin Upper Elementary and R. A. Nock Middle School, the NEF installed 8 state-of-the-art science labs, premier technology for each classroom, a music lab, a robotics lab, and new technology and computers.
  • At the Newburyport High School, the NEF launched the Virtual High School Program, donated technology including lap tops for science, a Distance Learning Lab, a photography lab, a portable math lab, teacher work stations, a world language lab and a state-of-the-art library media center.

Throughout the district, the NEF has also donated funds for partnership grants, the high school technology club, and the IFS Science Speaker series. Learn more about past Partnership Grant Projects.