Officers & Committee Chairs


Executive Director, Carla S. Beaudoin

Carla S. BeaudoinCarla S. Beaudoin joined the Newburyport Education Foundation as its first ever Executive Director in April. After working in the nonprofit and public sectors for over 10 years, Carla brings extensive experience in strategic leadership, fundraising, and community engagement to the NEF.
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  • President
    Megan Ashe, Hampden Engineering Corp.
  • Treasurer
    Wendy Gus, CPA, Historic New England
  • Clerk
    Cindy Johnson, Publishing Services
Committee Chairs
  • Allocations
    Cindy Johnson
  • Alumni
    John Elwell
  • Business Coalition
    Megan Ashe
  • Donor Relations
    Rosemary Turgeon
  • Golf Tournament
    Greg Coir
  • Lighthouse Auction
    Jane & John Nickodemus
  • Development
    Carla Beaudoin
  • Outreach & Communications
    BlakeLee Green
  • Monte Carlo Night
    Claude Elias