Current Board Members


To contact any member of the Board directly, you may email them by adding to their first initial and last name.

2018-2019 Board of Directors
  • Barb Bailey
    LearningPlunge, Inc.
  • Angela Bik
    Assistant Superintendent, Newburyport Public Schools
  • Kenneth Cole
    Teacher, Newburyport High School
  • Alex Coir
    NHS Alumna & Parent
  • Kristina Davis
    Principal, Bresnahan Elementary School
  • Nick deKanter
    Newburyport School Committee
  • Kristine Enes
    Amazon Web Services
  • Sean Gallagher
    Superintendent, Newburyport Public Schools
  • Colleen Guillou
    William Raveis
  • Cindy Johnson
    Publishing Services
  • Dick Lamothe
    Retired, Newburyport Public Schools
  • Lisa Langis
    D. Lawton Associates
  • David Marroncelli
    Johnson O’Connor Feron & Carucci LLP, CPA
  • Allie Morris
    Creative eLearning, LLC
  • Jane Nickodemus
    Parent, Newburyport High School
  • Christen Page
    School Nurse, Molin and Nock Schools
  • Alex Parr
    Student, Newburyport High School
  • Jed Petty
    Wellington Management Company
  • Julia Schactman
    Student, Newburyport High School
  • Chris Skiba
    General Manager, Newburyport Development
  • Julie Spence
    Private Jet Services
  • Kristin Spinney
    Teacher, Bresnahan Elementary School
  • Rosemary Turgeon
    Community Giving Tree
  • Andrea Weetman
    The Atlantic Group