2020 Business Partner Award Recipient


John Galligan, Bradford & Bigelow

The Business Partner Award is presented to a company that has made particularly noteworthy contributions to the NEF and the Newburyport Public Schools.

Bradford & Bigelow embodies what it means to be a true partner and public school champion, according to the release. The firm has been an integral part of the success of our summer literacy program since 2017, eagerly partnering with us from the beginning.

More than 100 students in grades K-8 participate in this program aimed at preventing or slowing summer learning loss as they are shipped student-selected books over the summer. Bradford & Bigelow not only offered to donate the shipping supplies and postage costs, but also offered to donate their employees’ time to package each shipment.

Bradford & Bigelow is a solid partner, not only as a generous donor, but through educating other companies on our mission and encouraging them to donate. Throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, they have shown what it means to be a good neighbor and leader; they purchase lunches and dinners for all of their team members who have to work in their plant and support local restaurants in doing so. They are also and paying team members an extra $2 an hour.