literacy_imgRemote Learning Program
In the Spring of 2020, the Newburyport Public School Administration, in conjunction with the teaching staff, came up with a new remote learning idea that uses a book to anchor the learning, connecting students and teachers across the content/grade level. The administration came to the NEF, asking for our help to fund a program that would get a book into the hands of every student in grades Pre-K through 8. The students will receive the book in the mail, accompanied by a letter from their teacher.

Enhance Classroom Libraries K-8
Does one learn to read or read to learn? The NEF-funded Literacy Closets helped the schools teach literacy in exciting ways with their new Comprehensive Literacy Program. We plan to further support the new program by building classroom libraries and enhancing reading materials in grades K-8. Classroom libraries will give teachers more and varied options when their new readers ask: “What can I read next?”

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