NHS Trivia


If you have some trivia questions to add, please email us at info@NewburyportEF.org and we will post them. Answers for these questions are listed below

  1. Who originally owned the site where the current NHS was built?
  2. What year was World War Memorial Stadium completed?
  3. What is the name of the NHS year book?
  4. On which track did the 1963 State Championship track team practice?
  5. What is the name of the hill the High School is on?
  6. What are the school colors?
  7. What was the most lopsided score in NHS football history?
  8. Which football coach has the most victories?
  9. Name some NHS football players that played in the NFL/AFL.
  10. Who was the principal of NHS when the Stadium was built?


  1. Harvard University
  2. 1938 as a WPA project under President Roosevelt
  3. En-Aitch-Ess
  4. There wasn’t a track!
  5. Mt. Rural
  6. Crimson and Olde Gold
  7. 99 to 6, a loss to Amesbury
  8. Current Coach Ed Guadiano
  9. Boomer Naumitz, Alan Kerkian, Roger Galanis, Dick Jauron
  10. Rupert A. Nock who went on to become Superintendent of Schools