Business Coalition


Newburyport Business Coalition LogoThe Education/Business Coalition (NEBC) was founded in 1990 as a non-profit organization of educators and business leaders committed to establishing connections between Newburyport Schools and the workplace. One of the first organizations of its kind in New England, the NEBC has since become a recognized leader in providing educators and students alike with opportunities for meaningful, curriculum-based connections between our schools and our business community.

In 2010, the NEBC joined with the NEF to consolidate our efforts, and provide our business partners with a single vehicle for making a difference in the Newburyport Public Schools. Now going by a shorter name, the Business Coalition will continue to support and strengthen its programs, where business partners may volunteer their time and expertise in highly rewarding collaborations with local educators and students.

Committee Members:

Angela Bik
Arthur Currier
Kristina Davis
Nick deKanter – Chair
Scott Eaton
Claude Elias
Sean Gallagher
John Halloran
Alicia Harshfield
Cindy Johnson
Elizabeth Kinzly
Joyce Lehan
Kelley O’Brien
Tara Rossi
Emily Russin
Nancy Tancreti
Michael Testa
Joanna Tsiantas
Andrew Wulf
Cheryl Zaino