Past Volunteer Award Recipients


2020 – Tim Fountain

Tim has been a staple at the NEF Lighthouse Auction and various other events for at least eight years. He has volunteered as a bartender, technology guru, and our emcee for two years. At those two auctions, NEF raised more money than any other, primarily due to his wit and passion for public education. Fountain is also a member of the singing group, The Portermen, who performed locally and donated tips received to the NEF.

2019 – Sue-Ellen Lamb

Sue-Ellen has volunteered in many different roles within the NEF. She was an active board member who developed our existing website and spent countless hours keeping the website updated with events, news and new graphics. Sue-Ellen has been an irreplaceable part of our Lighthouse Auction team, running the critical check-in/check-out function. The work that Sue-Ellen does for the auction receives no fanfare and is for the most part behind the scenes. She is regarded as a quiet, collaborative workhorse whose work is responsible for the success of our biggest fundraiser of the year.

2018 – BlakeLee Greene

BlakeLee brought her boundless energy and positive attitude to the NEF and has had a tremendous impact on the organization over the past 11 years. In its infancy, BlakeLee held coffees to get the word out about the NEF and its mission. She was the chair of the first “Ask” event that raised money for the literacy campaign and she ran the “Love of Music” fundraiser to fund the music lab at the Nock. BlakeLee most recently served as the chair of the Outreach Committee, recruited volunteers, and solicited donations.

2017 – Tuna Sava

Tuna has been behind the bar at countless NEF events over the last several years. Years ago, he volunteered to take the TIPS certification necessary to allow the NEF to run its own bar at special events. He has managed the bar for multiple Auctions, Poker Nights and other events. He is always quick to say “Yes” when he is asked to help out and takes charge of setting up the bar, recruiting additional bartenders, and cleaning up at the end of the evening. Tuna is incredibly professional and reliable; and a fabulous addition to every event team.