Past Business Partner Award Recipients


2018 – Scott Signore, Matter Communications

Matter Communications, led by Scott Signore, has been incredibly generous, both as a sponsor of NEF events as well as advocates for Newburyport schools. Matter has been an anchor sponsor for the NEF Open, NEF Monte Carlo Night and generously donated the proceeds of Newburyport Charitable Cause’s bocce tournament to the NEF. As an example of his generosity, when Scott noticed that the weathervane on top of Newburyport High School was in need of repair, he proactively reached out to the school and donated funds to get it fixed. It is this type of support from the Newburyport Business Community that energizes the NEF’s ability to provide financial support for our schools. Matter Communications is a shining example of a partnership that directly impacts our students’ education.

2017 – M.K. Benatti Jewelers, Matt & Karyn Khatib

For many years, M.K. Benatti Jewelers has been the sole sponsor of the NEF Lighthouse Auction raffle. Matt and Karyn Khatib’s support of the NEF has extended beyond donated jewelry, with them volunteering their time and connections to help improve our schools. With the dollars raised through the Lighthouse Auction raffle, the NEF has been able to complete a number of annual campaigns. The Khatibs are a shining example of how businesses can and should be involved in the communities they are a part of.