Business Coalition Partnership Grants

biz_coalition_bannerThe Partnership Grant program connects teachers and business partners who then work together to create meaningful educational experiences that allow students to see how their skills apply to the world of work. The program integrates the standards-based curriculum content with work-based skills that provide an authentic learning experience. As a result of the program, students have chosen the specific fields explored through the partnership program as careers.

Do you have a project idea that could inspire students to explore learning opportunities that connects the community to the classroom or the classroom to the community?

Program Benefits
  • For Students: The curriculum and their experiential learning become more relevant by understanding the application in the real world. Fosters a higher level of student engagement in their which in turn enhances their their access to the curriculum.
  • For Teachers: Provides opportunities to expand their capacity by working with experts in their fields.
  • For Business Partners: Create a spark of interest for students – perhaps help them in finding their passion. Meaningful way to give back to the community by volunteering time and expertise, fostering highly rewarding collaborations with local educators and students..
Application Schedule

There are two application opportunities each year.  For programs taking place in the Fall, applications are due the prior April/May.  For programs taking place in the Spring, applications are due the prior September/October.

If you are a teacher and have a question regarding aligning the project to the curriculum, please email Angela Bik.

If you need a business partner, please email