Thank you for supporting the NEF!


In 2019, with your support, we were able to continue our work on the the district-wide STEM initiatives by continuing our investment in the high school science and engineering labs, upgrade technology at the Bresnahan, Molin and Nock Schools, support literacy initiatives, a second annual Visual & Performing Arts Festival for students in K-12, more than 10 Partnership Grants, and Tower Gardens throughout the district.

Your donation to the NEF helps ensure that students in Newburyport are exposed to the most innovative and advanced teaching and learning methods available so they are prepared to be the leaders and innovators of the future.  Our high school engineering students are well on their way to innovative careers … they won a collegiate International Robotics Sailing Regatta in 2019.  In June 2020, Newburyport High School will host colleges like Virginia Tech, Cornell and WPI for the 14th annual competition.  Your donation helps make that possible!  Read about their win here.

One of the NEF’s major areas of focus in 2019 was the opening of the Jacalyn Stuart Bennett Mindfulness and Wellness space at the Molin/Nock school.  We will continue to focus on Wellness in 2020 with the renovation of the High School weight room, impacting students at all ability levels as they create individualized fitness programs to meet their needs.

Click here to read our 2018 Annual Report (Alicia Ozyjowski generously donated her time and extraordinary talents to the preparation of the report).

Thank you again!