IFS Library & Media Center at Nock/Molin


The Vision: The Nock-Molin “Learning Common” will be a space that ignites student creativity, curiosity, discovery, and literacy through the use of innovative technology and high-impact, collaborative spatial design.


The Newburyport Education Foundation is providing funds to transform the library used by the Molin Elementary School (grades 4–5) and the Nock Middle School (grades 6–8). The library received new carpeting and new windows from the 2013-2014 renovation project, and this project will reconfigure the space itself. By purchasing new furniture and technology, the library can be transformed into a learning center on par with the new Bresnahan School library and the recently renovated IFS Library and Media Center at the High School.


The Nock-Molin Learning Common will support the school’s learning goals both today and in the future. The space will be used to:

  • Encourage a joy of reading
  • Allow for student research to build understanding using innovative technology
  • Provide collaborative work space for project-based learning
  • Build a shared learning community
  • Serve as the hub of information sharing


Today’s school libraries are not hushed environments for silent reading—they are a hub for information sharing, presentations, and project-based research used by individual students as well as classes who choose to meet there. They provide technology to access, share, and present information. They encourage students to read—and to talk about the books they read. They are often called “Learning Commons” to better reflect their central role and shared use among all learners and teachers. They are key to generating excitement around reading, learning, and discovery.

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