Molin-Nock STEM Lab

In Phase Two of the District-Wide STEM Initiative, we put the tools in the hands of our Molin upper elementary students that will allow them to become creative problem solvers, apply the engineering design principles, and engage in innovative projects. This ‘Maker Space’ strengthens interactivity, engages both sides of the mind, encourages personalization, and real-world application.

One of our coding tools, LittleBits, was featured on 60 minutes. Click here to learn more.

In the Nock Middle School, we upgraded and expanded the Robotics program, integrate CAD skills and 3D printing. Students experiment with cross-contact projects between Science, TechEd and Math. Middle school students are increasingly able to take on independent study projects. Having the tools available for students to incorporate more sophisticated coding, design and building better prepares them for higher levels of rigor at the high school.